Pharmaceutical Products

Advancing the Practice of Medicine at the Point of Care



Pharmaceutical Products

Specializing in rapid delivery of prescription drugs and diagnostic products, the company is in the final stages of augmenting its prescription drug and prescription diagnostics distribution business by creating a nationwide network. Internet enables Mail Order Pharmacy to primarily service the 40+ million Americans who are either uninsured or underinsured.

PharmaTech Solutions also has created a fully integrated Prescription Fulfillment Program through which physicians can directly submit prescriptions using a smart phone, hand-held device, tablet PC, or PDA that is enabled with Wi-Fi link to the Internet -- instead of issuing a standard prescription for the patient to fill at a local drugstore.

Using PharmaTech Solutions technology, prescriptions are submitted instantaneously and securely. The prescription is filled immediately and the customer receives his/her medications at his/her home within 24 hours, usually by the next morning 24/7. Medicare, Medicaid, or the patient's insurance company is billed directly.

This revolutionary concept is ideal for practitioners who treat the uninsured and underinsured. The PharmaTech Solutions concept already has enlisted organizations that manage or finance the indigent practices of more than 2,500 doctors to date.

By using powerful wireless technology to link its centrally located drug distribution center with an established wholesale prescription distributor, PharmaTech Solutions is positioned to bring economic and administrative efficiencies to the projected $8 billion marketplace for delivering prescriptions to the uninsured and underinsured.

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