Discretion: Personal Remote GMS



Concept Design

Personal Wireless Enabled Glucose Monitoring System

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Concept Design, in development

PharmaTech Solutions is excited to announce the development of Discretion, a revolutionary new diabetes monitoring and wireless communication device to ensure the health and safety of those you hold most precious -- your children.

Concept Design, in development

Concept Design, in development

Concept Design, in development

Discretion is designed to streamline and simplify blood glucose testing for children with diabetes and more importantly, finally give peace of mind to the parents of diabetic children.

Designed with Children in Mind

Discretion will make messy diabetic test kits a thing of the past.

This unique handheld device makes testing incredibly simple as there is no need to insert a strip or use a separate lancing device. This unit uses cartridges preloaded with 8-10 strips, replacing the need to handle individual strips.

The Discretion unit is small with a large screen and pronounced features so that it can be manipulated by small hands easily and discreetly.

New, never before seen technology

Discretion integrates seamlessly into our smart-phone obsessed lives.

Discretion has the ability to transmit test results wirelessly and securely to any cell phone device that supports text messaging.

You can easily allow any parent, guardian or caretaker of your children, school health officials, and even your pediatrician to have up-to-the-minute updates on your child's glucose test results.